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The sexy eye quirk must run in the family

oh this hurts me

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Vegetarian :)
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Tetrapylon gate in the ancient ruined city of Aphrodisias, Turkey (by colinmillerphoto).

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You can connect to people. It just frightens you.

- Elementaryans: Who is the character in that third gif (“You mean Sherlock”)? I know that actor - he had a second-lead part on my favorite little dead show New Amsterdam. Loved him there. Is he a regular?

He was the groundskeeper at the rehab center Sherlock was at, IIRC. He and Sherlock bonded over beekeeping, and he had some of Sherlock’s old letters. He is not recurring, sadly. Or I should say, he has only currently had one appearance - Elementary does like to bring characters back.

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OK, shut up, Sherlock. Shut up. The first time we met – the first time we met, you knew all about my sister, right?

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